• Jointly with MasterCard, 900 bikes have been donated to local schoolsJointly with MasterCard, 900 bikes have been donated to local schools send as ecard
  • Student at LHA/Hotel de la Paix's Sewing SchoolStudent at LHA/Hotel de la Paix's Sewing School send as ecard
  • Guests may visit the hotel Sewing School during their stayGuests may visit the hotel Sewing School during their stay send as ecard
  • Children at the Green Gecko projectChildren at the Green Gecko project send as ecard
  • Shinta Mani hospitality trainee students in the kitchenShinta Mani hospitality trainee students in the kitchen send as ecard
  • Green Gecko supports over 100 children and their familesGreen Gecko supports over 100 children and their familes send as ecard

Our Philosophy

At Hôtel de la Paix, our philosophy is to encourage responsible tourism, and enable our guests to gain a true understanding of Cambodia - to connect with its beautiful people, in their community and diverse environment.

As Cambodia continues to rebuild, it is vital that businesses, aid organizations, NGOs and generous individuals help Cambodia to help itself.

We work with many organisations that are ensuring a brighter future for Cambodians in need, touching their lives in a profound and lasting way. In addition to the support we give to our Community Partners & Projects, we actively seek to support the community in as many ways as we can:

  • Share your shirt: in an example of how a little can go a long way, the Hôtel de la Paix's latest initiative calls on everyone to donate their unwanted shirts and t-shirts. Through a collaboration with local NGO, ABOUTAsia Schools, they will then be distributed to those who need them most.
  • Swiping for school, 2011: funds for 7,000 school uniforms were raised by Hôtel de la Paix guests simply by using their MasterCard. With each swipe, the MasterCard ‘Purchase with Purpose’ programme donated funds for five school uniforms, helping as many as 14,000 children to go to school. School uniforms can be an impossible burden on a family's resources and, as they are required by law, one of the reasons why children are denied an education. The benefit of this programme is doubled as two children often use one uniform, with one wearing it for morning school and another for the afternoon school sessions. The uniforms are made by the women at the Hôtel de la Paix and Life & Hope Association Sewing School, giving them a valuable opportunity to put their skills to use. This initiative ran from 1st March to 30th June, 2011.
  • Sewing together a future, 2010: guests of the Hôtel de la Paix helped to raise a staggering USD50,000 towards the construction of a specially adapted sewing school in Wat Damnak. Of that, USD20,000 alone was contributed by MasterCard through the ‘Purchase with Purpose’ programme. The Hôtel de la Paix and Life & Hope Association Sewing School is a vocational facility that provides skills and training to 28 disadvantaged young Khmer women each year. Since 2007, over 130 women have already graduated with these important skills, including English lessons and basic life skills.
  • Pack a smile in your baggage: through Hotel de la Paix's association with the ‘Pack for a purpose’ project, by bringing along a few extra items when you pack, you can bring an enormous smile to the faces of children who don't often get much. The following items always bring happiness and, if you purchase them here, will support the local economy while incurring no excess baggage fees: tennis balls, skipping ropes, yo—yos, squeaky toys, colouring books and pencils, reading books, toiletry kits, hair ribbons, matchbox cars.
  • The pushbike initiative, 2009: MasterCard customers paved the way for as many as 2,000 children living in outlying villages around Siem Reap to get their education on the road. With the MasterCard ‘Purchase with Purpose’ programme we were able to donate 1,100 school bags and bicycles to groups supporting disadvantaged children, making it possible for them to get to school. Two, sometimes, three children will often share in the benefits of one bicycle. The recipient organisations are: The Sangkheum Center, Sunrise Orphanage, the Green Gecko Project, the Life & Hope Association, the Shinta Mani Hotel Institute of Hospitality, and the New Hope Community Project.
  • The green initiative: our restaurants, Meric and AHA, donate their used cooking oil to this initiative which then converts it into biofuel.
  • Shinta Mani Institute of Hospitality: we support the Institute which trains young, at-risk Cambodians, and we regularly employ its graduates.

There are so many ways for our guests to make a difference in the lives of the local people.

Donations of rice, school equipment, a pair of piglets, water wells for a village, sponsoring a student - the list is endless and we can advise what is most needed, and where.

When a guest wants to make a donation or set up a sponsorship, we are on hand to make arrangements on their behalf. We can accompany our guests to their chosen organization and give the donation in person and see the joy that they are bringing.

Visiting the Organisations

A visit to one of our Community Partners & Projects is always rewarding, as the happiness is so evident in the faces of the children and students. Our Guest Relations assistants are happy to make all the arrangements.

All this is possible and our Guest Relations Executives are happy to make all the arrangements.

Hôtel de la Paix LHA Sewing School

The Sewing School was established in 2007 as a joint venture between Hôtel de la Paix and the monks at Life & Hope Association (LHA) at Wat Damnak, just 5 minutes from the hotel.

Funded by the hotel and with generous donations from guests, each year 20 disadvantaged women are selected to take a 10 month seamstress course, giving them the skills and means to support themselves. The students range in age from 16 to 30. Most of them come from rural communities where opportunities to receive an education, training or employment are lacking. These women usually find work on local construction sites, making bricks, earning around USD1 per day for 16 hours labour. Hôtel de la Paix’s Sewing School provides them with the skills to make a living, so that they are not subjected to working in environments that are unsafe and unsuitable. The women stay in a rented house and share cooking and cleaning duties. In addition to their sewing classes, they take classes in Khmer, English, Buddhism, life skills and basic business skills.

On graduation from the programme, each student is provided with a sewing machine and a start-up kit, so they can return to their village and work for themselves, with a bright future, able to support themselves and their families.

MasterCard Worldwide teamed up with the hotel to sponsor 10 young women at our Sewing School.

Cambodia is one of the poorest countries in the world with more than 30 percent of the population still living in extreme poverty.

In addition, women are disadvantaged as they do not enjoy equal access to education and paid employment.

We commend the efforts of Hotel de la Paix in helping these women and are glad to be contributing to this initiative
This initiative is part of our broader commitment to women's advancement and we look forward to helping even more women.

- Georgette Tan, vice president, Communications, Asia/Pacific, Middle East & Africa, MasterCard Worldwide.

Life and Hope Association (LHA)

Wat Damnak was a royal palace during the reign of King Sisowath, hence the name dam nak (palace). Today it is home to the Center for Khmer Studies, the Hôtel de la Paix LHA Sewing School and the Life & Hope Association.

LHA is a Cambodian non-profit making organization, established in 2005 by the monks of Wat Damnak and their friends. Their aim is to bring equal rights and equal opportunity to all by promoting education. They see illiteracy as the cause of all suffering and strive to improve the lives of orphans, vulnerable children and disadvantaged people, in order to put hope in their lives and create the prospects of a better future.

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Green Gecko Project

The Green Gecko Project was established in 2005, to feed and educate the street children in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

With 100 children and their families now in the programme, the project empowers them with skills, education, values and the self-esteem they need to break the begging cycle and become proactive members of society.

It provides schooling, shelter, care and stability, positive role models, family support, nutrition packs, medical treatment and a loving safe environment.

This is not a ‘project’, it is a family, and the generous support of Hôtel de la Paix guests has helped to make their dreams possible.

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Sangkheum Center for Children

Sangkheum means ‘hope’ in Khmer, and since 2001 the Sangkheum Center has been providing hope, education, training, scholastic support and care to hundreds of disadvantaged children and youth in Cambodia.

They strive to provide a brighter future for orphaned, abused and neglected children who would otherwise be at risk of turning to a life on the streets.

The Sangkheum Center has also set up vocational programmes through The Silk Lab and The Iron Workshop, social enterprises that support the local communities.

The center was established as a co-operation between the Italian NGO Progetto Continent and the Cambodian NGO — Khmer Angkor Development Organisation.

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