Artist narrative

"As a Cambodian artist, I have for several years painted works from the period of the Khmer Rouge, the totalitarian ruling party in Cambodia from 1975 to 1979. For three years, I have been using two materials regularly: black acrylic and burlap.

These materials are perfectly suited to the theme of my work which is the transcription of the tragedy experienced by victims of the Khmer Rouge. My portraits represent headstones to commemorate the memory of thousands of people who disappeared.

In all my works, I try to express my deep and constant interest in human frailty and a community with a tragic destiny. To me, painting is the aesthetic form of philosophy. So, I like the idea that my painting creates a reflection, that is to say, it engages the viewer on the path of wisdom, without effort, slightly, only by his glance." EM Riem

Artist bio

Born in 1977 in Kandal Province, Cambodia, EM Riem trained at the Royal University of Fine Arts, Phnom Penh, gaining a National Diploma in Plastic Arts in 2000, and then at the School of Fine Arts of Saint-Etienne and the Higher National School of Decorative Arts of Paris, both in France.

He has taken part in numerous exhibitions in Cambodia, France, USA, United Kingdom, and, since 2008, has a permanent exhibition at La Galerie x-EM Design, Phnom Penh.

Em Riem
01 August - 30 September 2008

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