Artist narrative

Reflection, Min-Kim’s second exhibition in Cambodia, is a series of black ink paintings and sketches that explore the relationship between individuality, history and culture; a concept of personal intrigue for the young French / Khmer artist.

“Our attitude, manner and position reveals where we come from and where we are going to; we each hold our own heritage,” says Min-Kim, who studied at the Ecole Supérieure d’Art de Marseille and has come to Cambodia to explore the nature of cultural diversity through art.

The series of paintings and sketches are based on the observation of people within and responding to their environment. “In every market, every street, every village, people here are eating, working, speaking Khmer; a culture that many visitors look for not in the living people but in the stone of ancient Angkor,” suggests Min-Kim.

Using photographic images to capture a moment in the lives of his subjects, Min-Kim’s work reveres a certain realistic representation that nonetheless submits to the interpretive hand of the artist, creating what he calls “a performance on canvas.”

Artist bio

Min-Kim’s portraitures are marked by a fascination with the detail of skin, his brush scrutinizing every crease or wrinkle, every mark or inconsistency – the texture of time passing or perhaps the uncertainty of youth. Each canvas depicts a culture that is intimate yet foreign, open to be explored, contemplated and understood as the face of a people steeped in their ancient heritage.

Denis Min-Kim
01 June - 30 August 2007

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