Artist narrative

An exhibition of painting, sculpture and art furniture by Krousar Selapak and his family.

Chhay Bunna, Chhea Bunna, Choup Sopheak, Khem Sambo, Kim Samdy, Norng Petsampiseth, Ou Vanndy, Ouk Chimvichet, Pok Seila, Proeung Moulin, Yen Entareak

The exhibit concept came about when Sasha Constable, British artist and co-curator, came up with the idea of gathering the best pieces of artworks made by artists, all graduates of the Royal University of Fine Arts (RUFA) in Phnom Penh. Sasha has been working with these artists since 2001 when she taught a six week printmaking course at RUFA. In 2003 - 04 all of the artists worked with her on the Peace Art Project Cambodia (PAPC), an extremely successful project turning decommissioned weaponry into sculpture as expressions of peace. In October 2006, Hotel de la Paix exhibited 30 of the weapons sculptures, the most comprehensive to date, in a show titled ‘Building Peace’.

It is from the sales of the weapons sculptures that the artists were able to fund the ‘Krousar Selapak’ workshop in Phnom Penh.

Artist bio

Two years on, the same group of artists present a mélange of provocative art that includes sculptures of bike parts and scrap metal, acrylic and oil on canvas, art furniture made of AK-47’s and wood. Looking at the varied themes and subjects that these artists are working on, an underlying sense of hopefulness and positivism can be sensed. It is a celebration of the spirit of Cambodia, past and present, traditional and contemporary. Visitors will take with them a deeper understanding of the Khmer culture and an appreciation of Khmer heritage within the global context. One that shifts from the dark and gory picture of the Pol Pot regime into what is now – the renewal of artistic expression and the blossoming of visions that meld traditional Khmer expression with stark modernity.

"Present Tense"
Krousar Selapak family
01 June - 30 July 2009

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