Artist narrative

These two up and coming artists mined the abundant source of their own personal stories to come up with a richly textured collection of mixed media paintings.

It is our different stories that make each individual unique. The pages of our lives record the trials and triumphs that we experience in our lifetime. It is no wonder that it can be a rich source of inspiration for artists.

Artist bio

MAO Soviet
Mao Soviet is particularly drawn to how people handle the tragedies and unhappy moments of their existence. He quotes, ‘The dark shadows always follow us all the time’. He connected with how we process such painful experiences. He reasons that it is by remembering the lesson of such events that we can move forward. His artwork combines hand-made paper treated with soil, stitching, fabrics and paint done in an organic composition. Soviet was born in 1982 in Battambang province. He studied general art from 1996 to 2000 and modern art from 2000 to 2004 at Phare Pounleu Selpak Organization. He has shown his works in French Cultural Centers in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, and Battambang; Alliance Café, Java Café and Ocsengallery in the United States.

Ben Thynal
Ben Thynal on the other hand draws the collective stories of his fellowmen. It deals with how his people, the history and the whole consciousness of his countrymen become a source of power. He layers fossilized leaves, hair and paint into an intriguing play of images.

Thynal also graduated from Phare Ponlue Selpak Organization. He won a UNEPA painting contest and has had exhibits at SVC Center Siem Reap, Comme a la Maison and French Cultural Center in Siem Reap.

MAO Soviet & Ben Thynal
01 April - 30 May 2009

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