Artist narrative

Bangkok-based Belgian artist Christian Develter continues to explore the aesthetic mystery of Asian culture. Inspired by Christian’s impressions and experiences of Cambodia over the past ten years, the “Khmer Feminitude” collection is a tribute to the grace and elegance of Cambodian women both traditional and contemporary.

In each painting, from his interpretation of the deity Apsara, to the highlight of the exhibit, H.M. Queen Sisowath Kossamak Nearireath, Christian’s brush conveys a sense of festive celebration with an indulgence in colour distinctive of his style. Though his flamboyant use of colour and costume may tempt one to define Christian’s works as pop-art and leave it at that, his works are far from random flights of fancy. Christian’s appreciation of colour nuance is a calculated one, giving his canvas a depth that is at once playfully sensuous yet simultaneously contemplative with a resonant respect for his subjects.

“A lot of contemporary art tends towards expressing the difficulties of life,” says Christian, “I enjoy portraying a sense of optimism and beauty, and this is so inherent in Asia with its emphasis on make-up, colour and costume.” His technique of balancing hues, combined with his simple uncluttered use of shape and form, encapsulates the coy confidence Asian women have for all time intrigued and mystified the western world.

Artist bio

Christian’s fascination with the ambiguities of Asian culture has become the focal point of his artistic expression over the past twelve years. He has exhibited extensively in Thailand and Belgium as well as in China and India. “Khmer Feminitude” is his first exhibit in Cambodia.

"Khmer Feminitude"
Christian Develter
01 February - 30 April 2007

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