Artist narrative

The exhibition, a collection of 16 rattan sculptures, depicts the transience of memory through an abstract interpretation of smoke and its qualities.

Sokhorn’s creative tendency began in his childhood when he would mold clay into forms and figures. After school, he focused on studies and decided to pursue a career in Interior Design. Yet by the age of 25, Sokhorn realized his enthusiasm lay in the desire to work as an independent artist, using his creativity to gain a deeper understanding of the world around him. Through his art, he seeks to share his views and explorations of his own life with other people.

In EXHALE, each sculpture is inspired by the movement of smoke which Sokhorn feels is reminiscent of memories that are quickly forgotten, lost to the flow of one’s life. “I smoke to relax, in moments of reflection or when I can’t sleep. The drifting smoke dances to an unpredictable rhythm, following a path affected by air currents, changing its shape and flow before disappearing. Much like our memories – they change and fade over time,” says Sokhorn.

Using smooth rattan to sculpt abstract shapes, Sokhorn attempts to capture those moments and solidify his memories, as well as to transcend the traditions of his culture. For centuries, rattan has formed an integral part of the Cambodian way of life. It has long been used to make fishing traps and is still used commonly in the home as a variety of furnishings from bookshelves to lampshades and baskets. As an artistic medium, its flexibility allows Sokhorn the freedom to extend himself beyond these common boundaries and open a path for creative expression.

Meas Sokhorn
01 August - 30 September 2007

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