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An exhibition of textiles by Eric Raisina and Hotel de la Paix Sewing School, with photography by Rafael Winer and Onin Lorente.

Artist bio


ERIC RAISINA is a designer who is able to transport you immediately into his own private universe and that universe is a sumptuous feast of colour and texture. It was in his home of Madagascar where he began his foray into design and sewing. At the young age of 14 years Eric had started creating his own unique clothing. Nine years later his passion for designing culminated in him winning the prize of New Young Talent at the Fashion Festival and Textile Competition (MANJA) which enabled him to study in Paris at the Duperré School.

Eric excelled in the creation of textiles including weaving, crochet, embroidery and print. Natural materials, such as silk, raffia, sisal, linen and cotton quickly became his trademarks. He began entering his creations in the Haute Couture shows in Paris, and graduated with a Master’s degree from the Institut Français de la Mode in 1999.

Quickly recognized for his talent working with textiles, Eric was commissioned to create unique textiles for the fashion houses of Yves Saint-Laurent and Christian Lacroix. The textiles themselves inspire him to go to the heart of the matter, creating designs with the forms of the materials themselves, bypassing the sketching stage.

Eric’s taste for exploration compelled him to discover new cultures and diverse techniques in Africa as well as in Asia. He first visited Cambodia in 1996 and was enchanted by the country and inspired by the nation’s trademark in textiles – Cambodian Silk. After numerous visits to Cambodia, Eric settled in Siem Reap and set up his own workshop in 2004 where he has trained 35 weavers, sewers, and embroiderers.

Over the years Eric has researched and experimented with new textures, colours, unique weave patterns and most recognizable Silk Fur and Natural Raffia lace. One of the trademark techniques he has developed is to create small, flat flowers shapes out of silk organza which are then crochet together to create the order of size and color that he desires. Eric does not go for patterns, he goes for textures.

Eric is arguably Cambodia’s leading fashion designer and a huge inspiration to the younger generation of designers. With Cambodia now on track for becoming a competitive regional country with a diverse and exciting movement in the fashion industry, fashion in Cambodia has a bright future with the first Cambodia fashion week taking place in Phnom Penh in 2011.

ERIC RAISINA haute texture collection is composed of one of a kind pieces and accessories which demonstrate his passion and talent for style, which continues to evolve, all the while staying true to his personal taste. His collections have been shown in different fashion weeks in Asia, Africa, Europe and the United States.


RAFAEL WINER worked originally as a fashion photographer in Paris. A past member of the International Cinematographer's Guild, he has worked on over 40 features, episodic and commercials in the U.S, Mexico and Asia. Rafael currently shoots travel & commercial work and makes documentaries.
His clients have included The Travel Channel, HBO, Warner Bros., Columbia Tri-Star, Sony ASIA, Artisan, CBS and Universal Studios. His images have been published in Libération, Le Monde, El Pais, USA Today, Time, Globe, Harper's Bazaar, 20 ans, Ms., Travel+Leisure, Cosmopolitan, German Vogue, The London Daily Telegraph, and The New York Times.


ONIN LORENTE is an international street style and fashion photographer. His website, Style Anywhere, has already appeared in Vogue Paris, Glamour Paris, L’Officiel Singapore, Fashionising Australia, Varon Spain, Ensemble The Netherlands, to name a few. It is also included in the Global Street Style News.

Style Anywhere has been a credible source for covering fashion weeks and has featured street style from 14 cities in Asia. Magazine clients for print and online works include August Man, Time Out Singapore, Panorama, Garage, Garage Girl, Style Weekend, Chalk, Meg, F, and Hanger.

Eric Raisina
10 February - 10 May 2012

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