Artist narrative

Spontaneous, automatic and deeply rooted in subconscious creation, Texte Desera, a contemporary French Cambodian artist showed 12 new artworks composed of ink, pastel, acrylic on canvas and paper that celebrates connections and creation.

Artist bio

Sera’s work owes much of its style to abstract expressionism. The combination of the emotional intensity and self-denial of the German Expressionists with the anti-figurative aesthetic of the European abstract schools such as Futurism, the Bauhaus and Synthetic Cubism; the "all over" look of Pollock's drip paintings. You can see the energetic "action paintings" style, with their "busy" feel and frenetic markings. Additionally, it is being rebellious, anarchic, highly idiosyncratic and, almost, nihilistic. Aesthetically, it can be likened to the violent and grotesque ‘Women’ series of Willem de Kooning's figurative paintings. Although it is true that spontaneity or the impression of spontaneity characterized his canvas, there is clearly an implied expression of ideas concerning the spiritual, the unconscious and the mind.

In 1981 Sera earned a ‘Brevet de technicien en Arts Graphiques’ in Paris. 1985 saw him receive a ‘Maîtrise d’Arts Plastiques de l’université de Paris I Panthéon’ in Sorbonne, Centre Saint-Charles. In 1987 he completed a ‘D.E.A d’Arts Plastiques de l’université also in Paris at Centre Saint-Charles. His last solo exhibition was in East-By-East gallery in Paris in 2008, showing designs and paintings.

Sera was born in 1961 Phnom Penh to a French mother and Cambodian father. When Phnom Penh fell to the Khmer Rouge in April 1975, he flew to France, age 13. He never saw his father again. Despite the harrowing experience of being fatherless and away from his family, it did not shatter his dreams of becoming a comic book author.

"I swam in the comics before I could speak," he recalls. "In Cambodia, it was a ritual, every week we would discover new comics at news-stands. It is one thing that marked my childhood."

In France, he enrolled in a school for graphic arts. He was careful not to limit himself to just comics and is passionate about different techniques of art. He went to university to acquire cultural knowledge that he felt he lacked. He teaches art at the Sorbonne and other institutes, and juggles his work in painting and comics.

Texte Desera (Ing Phousera)
01 April - 30 May 2010

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