Artist narrative

The world is in a state of flux, and everything is changing. Since the war ended, Cambodia has also been part of this change. Cambodia’s capital, Phnom Penh is developing rapidly, new high-rise buildings emerge above the skyline. It is when I saw these new buildings growing in the urban landscape that I was inspired to create these artworks as part of the BLACK series.

There are good sides to this development as we witness Cambodia being at peace, where business can flourish and the economy thrives. This then creates employment for thousands of Khmer people. But with the positive, there is always a negative side to development. Care for the environment can be lost and with so many tall buildings, we attract more and more people with more and more traffic. Pollution becomes as issue, the air becomes heavy and difficult to breathe.

I would personally like to see these high rise buildings put around the edge of the city, not in its centre, then people could see inside and outside the city limits!

These artworks are like a building trembling or like the sound of the song, which has many lines. All the images are created with pencil and charcoal.

Kong Vollak
01 October - 30 November 2009

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