Arts Lounge & Thev Gallery

The Arts Lounge

Bill Bensley designed the Arts Lounge with the intention that it would be a multi purpose space - a stunning art gallery, stylish bar, welcoming lounge and adaptable creative event space for guests and visitors to the hotel.

The Thev Gallery

As part of her work at "delaPaix", curator Sasha Constable opened the Thev gallery at the hotel in July 2011. The gallery aims to show artworks from previous Arts Lounge exhibitions plus additional works to promote some of the inspirational community causes which form such a fundamental part of the hotels raison d’être. Named after a traditional Khmer walk-through gallery which leads to a main temple, the Thev Gallery launched with an exhibition of photographs highlighting the humanitarian mine clearance work of the HALO Trust in Cambodia; and of sculpture made from decommissioned weapons, courtesy of the 2003 Peace Art Project Cambodia.

We regularly hold Ice Events and new art exhibition launches where the Arts Lounge is shown off to its full capacity.

Hôtel de la Paix actively supports emerging Khmer artists and artists with a connection to the country and the revival of art in Cambodia, by exhibiting new artists bi-monthly throughout the year. For many artists this is a vital stepping-stone for them at the beginning of their careers.

Our resident curator and artist Sasha Constable has lived and worked in Cambodia since 2000, when the World Monuments Fund, a non-profit organization that preserves historic buildings worldwide, appointed her Artist in Residence. Sasha and Savann Oun, her assistant, are regularly available in the Arts Lounge should you wish to purchase or discuss any of the work being exhibited.

Artwork for Sale

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Sasha or Savann

Sasha +855 (0)12 699 249

Savann +855 (0)12 345 643

Past & Future Exhibitions


Building Peace
by Artists from the Royal University of Fine Arts, Phnom Penh
12 October - 22 November 2006
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Khmer Feminitude
by Christian Develter
01 February - 30 April 2007
View exhibition
Ouk Chatrang “Chess”
by VANDY Rattana
01 April - 30 June 2007
View exhibition
by Denis Min-Kim
01 June - 30 August 2007
View exhibition
by Meas Sokhorn
01 August - 30 September 2007
View exhibition


Designing the Divine
by Loven Ramos, Koun Sothea
01 March - 30 May 2008
View exhibition
by Em Riem
01 August - 30 September 2008
View exhibition
by Ouer Sokuntevy (Tevy)
01 October - 30 November 2008
View exhibition
by Thav Savann
01 December 2008 - 30 January 2009
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Living nature
by Khchao Touch
08 February - 31 March 2009
View exhibition
by MAO Soviet & Ben Thynal
01 April - 30 May 2009
View exhibition
Present Tense
by Krousar Selapak family
01 June - 30 July 2009
View exhibition
by Kong Vollak
01 October - 30 November 2009
View exhibition
by Tieng Phalla
01 December 2009 - 31 January 2010
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by Srey Bandol
01 February - 30 March 2010
View exhibition
by Texte Desera (Ing Phousera)
01 April - 30 May 2010
View exhibition
by Artists from Royal University of Fine Arts, Phnom Penh
08 June - 23 September 2010
View exhibition
by Blake
23 September - 02 November 2010
View exhibition
by Sasha Constable
28 October - 02 November 2010
View exhibition
Angkor Photo Festival 2010
by Paolo Patrizi and Chan Sokdam
03 November - 03 December 2010
View exhibition
Different Worlds
by Chhim Sothy
03 December 2010 - 13 January 2011
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Wedding and Hair
by Khvay Samnang
13 January - 03 March 2011
View exhibition
by SVAY Sareth
03 March - 05 May 2011
View exhibition
The Scale of Angkor
by CHAN Dany and DY Proeung
05 May - 05 July 2011
View exhibition
We Live Inside a Dream
by Chath PIERSATH and Nic Grey
05 July - 08 September 2011
View exhibition
by OEUR Sokuntevy
08 September - 03 November 2011
View exhibition
Angkor Photo Festival 2011 (Crickets and Water is Life)
by SOVAN Philong and MAK Remissa
03 November - 08 December 2011
View exhibition
Endangered Species
by WCS/ACCB/SVC/Green Gecko/CLMMRF/Theam
16 December 2011 - 10 February 2012
View exhibition


by Eric Raisina
10 February - 10 May 2012
View exhibition
by SVAY Ken, LEANG Seckon, Vincent Broustet, Sasha Constable, MEAS Sokhorn, YIM Maline, CHHAN Dina
11 May - 27 June 2012
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Hours of Operation:

  • Open daily until midnight